What is Proximity  Marketing and why you should care?

Definition from Wikipedia with information I am adding about Genusity

Proximity marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place such as a restaurant, Mall store, Local store, even Real Estate Company. How about a Hair salon, auto sales, plumber, the list goes on and on. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so which is about 60% of Bluetooth Enabled Android cell phones in the USA and even higher percentage in other countries.

The transmitter is a Micro-computer. 

Do you get notices on your cell phone from Restaurants or stores you have walked past or even went into to shop? I know I do all the time! 

Genusity can transmit a message to any Android phone that is Bluetooth enabled, you can use it in large crowds or just walking around the grocery store. How about at a Football game or concert or even a mall?

The location of a transmitter (a microcomputer)  must be within approximately 125 ft radius.

  • An Android phone receives the notice from a transmitter you have with you or you have placed in a stationary location.
  • Any Bluetooth enabled device being within range of a transmitter.
  • An Internet-enabled device with GPS enabling it to request localized content from Transmitters.
  • Bluetooth enabled Android Phones will be receiving a 40 character message PLUS a clickable website.
  • You can change the message as often as you like, every hour or just once a day or just once a week. It is all up to you!   



Bluetooth, a short-range approximately 150 ft. radius wireless system supported by all Bluetooth Enabled Android devices, Genusity currently has 4 different devices/transmitters to get your message out.  Genusity has a device that will send your message out 900 ft. it is one transmission medium used for proximity marketing. As Genusity grows they will have more devices. The process of Bluetooth based proximity marketing involves setting up a Bluetooth “broadcasting” transmitter location and then sending information which can be a text, 40 character message plus a clickable link to Bluetooth enabled devices within 125 ft. radius range of the transmitter plus one that sends out a message up to 900 ft.  We can now have a Transmitter we can carry in our pocket, on a keyring, watch band which goes everywhere with you. We also have a couple of stationary devices will be available too. The smaller key fob device will have an on and off switch and consumer replaceable batteries. USB powered devices too. 

Genusity has 4 different devices at the moment and will be adding other devices but you need to come to one of our LIVE Webinars to hear all about them.


Current mobile android phones usually have Bluetooth switched ON by default, and some users leave Bluetooth switched on for easy connection with car kits and headsets. GPS devices etc.

The Genusity Platform will be available for Bluetooth Enable Android phones and in the United States that is 60% of all cell phones. Genusity products will be available worldwide. 

The percentage of Androids across the world is even higher. These transmitters will be available and used worldwide.

 Genusity is still in Beta Testing. Yes, not even in Pre-Launch.

Soft Launch begins October 16, 2017, Pre-Launch is Early November 6, 2017. The actual launch will be March 6, 2018.  The owners are making sure everything is working before full Launch. 

The time is now to come and join my team and be in on the 7 hundred billion dollar advertising industry that has never been used in the MLM part of marketing.

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