Oct. 16th thru Nov. 5, 2017 We will be in Soft Launch which means we will get access to our Back Office and ALL the Tools that are available to us! Join me NOW  Soft Launch is over! Yay

Nov. 6, 2017 thru Mar. 5, 2018 is our Pre-Launch. Our Beacon devices will be arriving for us to start using! Sharing with Customers and other Affiliates that want to join because this will knock your socks off. We are entering into a hundred BILLION $$ advertising Platform that has never seen anything like this.  The back office is up and running. Are you ready to take your life to a whole new Level? 

Mar. 6, 2018 It is Launch time. 

So are you ready to start your last beginning with a company that is built by Network Marketers FOR Network Marketers? 

I see our future growing day by day because of people just like you who can see what we have in front of us. Please don’t miss this or next year when you see messages on your phone from people like me and thousands and thousands of others, you will be kicking yourself in the hind end, going why did I not do this? 

So go here right now and join me on a team that is exploding. Be your own boss. 


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