You Can See The Light and you are ready to begin your journey to BeaconLand! 

Currently, Genusity is in Pre-Launch which means we can sign up Affiliates and Customers. You can lock your position in for as little as $30.00. You can Order your devices and start enjoying the sharing experience with others. Remember The Advertising Industry is growing and what better place to put ads or for your customers to put ads than right in front of peoples eyes on Bluetooth Enabled Android phones. 

You need to come to one of our Live Webinars to see what we have in Beacon Devices. Currently, we have 4 devices but Tim and Randy the owners and Founders of Genusity are researching other devices for Genusity.

Our OFFICIAL launch will be March 6, 2018.

Join me here! Get all the latest news about Genusity. Don’t forget the Live Webinars! Protection Status